Friday, January 11, 2008

bell hook's Teaching Community: A Pedagogy of Hope has become a favorite "bedtime story" of sorts. For months, I've been reading, or rather absorbing, favorite sections or chapters. Deliberately taking my time to ponder the magnitude of her statements and being richly rewarded with a greater sense of what is possible.


shirin sahba said...

Krysta?? is this really you? it must be with your eye on the scandies candies and amazing literature, it can't be any other. fancy bumping into you this way...I just love your blog, hope you don't mind I'm going to link it to mine... loads of love!

leila said...

krysta, i don't know what bell hook's book is about (i'm renting it from the library, asap, based on your warm recommendation), but your description reminded me of the feelings i had about Robert Coles's book "The Call of Stories". i VERY MUCH advocate its reading.

love from leila