Monday, January 7, 2008

Why do Bahá'ís create the worst music??

For years, I've sat through feasts, Holy Days, conferences, devotionals, ruhi courses and bit my tongue and stared into space in order not to laugh out loud over the seemingly endlessly tirelessly sugary sweet awful music.

Refrain, please, refrain.

Ok, I'm feeling much better now. (;


corinne said...

Krysta, no one can make me laugh like you :) you're so reminds me of all the 1970s-music sing alongs we would have here, and you and i would sit in the back dying of laughter.

Krysta said...

This is why I *heart* you, Corinne! You feel and share my pain. The very worst moments were being stuck in a sherut and having to witness "spontaneous" group singing (personally, I'd rather hear "99 bottles of beer on the wall" over and over again).

Alas, I am unkind. (;

So happy to see that you have returned to blogging. (: (: