Monday, February 4, 2008

Let's call a spade a spade

For the most part, I'm a "political junkie." Back in my undergraduate days, I lived and loved political science. Until I recognized that it was a bastion for "maleness" and "misogyny." Realizing there was no space for me or that I wasn't willing to make space for myself, I happily pursued a graduate degree in the Humanities. I now find myself immersed in yet another graduate program, but this time focused on education (Perhaps, a bastion for "femaleness?"). For the past few months, I've been a voracious reader on all things involving the democratic presidential candidacy. I continue to be utterly shocked and dismayed (and a little broken-hearted) at the level in which Hillary Clinton has not only been vilified in the press, but how misogyny continues to be used to "rate" her as a candidate. You might love her or hate her, but the price of avoiding a gender analysis would be detrimental to any and all future prospects.

Robin Morgan's "Goodbye To All That (#2)" is a thought-provoking piece (albeit flawed) involving all of the above and can be found at:

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leila said...

that was very necessary. thank you SO MUCH for posting it---i plan on reading the links that are on that page, too.

love from leila