Saturday, November 22, 2008

6 unimportant things

I was tagged by design nomad to create a post on "six unimportant things that make me happy" (I included a 7th since I couldn't stop at 6).

1. winter / snow days. I'd take winter over summer any day. There is something simply so enchanting and serene while walking at night in the snow. The world becomes a much more quiet, reflective place.
2. lipgloss
3. stationary. I heart stationary. I love everything about it. One of my dearest friends owns a beautiful stationary shop in Toronto, and I'd spend so much time visiting and exploring. Plus, nothing can surpass the sweetness of a handwritten letter.
4. baby elephants. I cannot imagine a world without them. I often wish that science would explore the possibility of making a miniature version as a household pet.
5. trees. I've always adored weeping willows, but after having lived in Israel, I have fallen for cyprus trees.
6. the French language. I find so much comfort within its sounds. Partly, since it's the language of my childhood. The English language has never captivated me in the same way.
7. libraries. The learning is endless.

So, I would like to tag the following blogs: limonana, in my forest and I bear witness


design nomad said...

What a wonderful list and you reminded me that I should have added libraries to mine as well. Doing these lists shows me how we all have the ability for great happiness within us from such simple things.

limonana said...

tagging me are we?? we'll have to see about your list by the way...except for the first one, that's just crazy talk :o)