Thursday, August 27, 2009

Artist of the week: Liza Lou

axis defeat 2007-2008 glass beads on aluminum panel 108×66 inches (for a detailed picture of the bead work click here)
maximum security 2007-2008 Steel, glass beads 23.5' square x 80" h

I've subscribed to Art in America for years, but seldom ever find the time to read most of my issues. Luckily, I recently read an article on the amazing Liza Lou. How she creates such works of art out of glass beads is simply incredible.


limonana said...

WOW! i just clicked on the beadwork, so beautiful...when i was working at Deitch Projects there was this one artist whose name i can't recall who would bead over a whole ROOM! everything would be beaded even the kitchen appliances..pretty nuts..

Krysta said...

It must be the same person, see

limonana said...

yes that's the one!! so awesome! thanks for letting me know!!