Saturday, August 1, 2009

What a pretty creation

I'm far from being an 'outdoorsy' person. I spent every childhood summer at my grand-maman et grand-papa's cottage, and never took to it. I prefer pavement, and noise, and light. Yet, this cottage is gorgeous. I'm also captivated by their wooden sink and bath. I once had a 10 minute argument with my father over the possibility of creating a wooden sink - to which he claimed would be "impossible." Oh, Umberto, you were wrong.


limonana said...

heheh, you're cute! i do love the wooden sink, soo beautiful!

Phoenix Aquua said...

Yeah, I'm with you regarding the city verses country....but this is a sweet pad...

I can't quite the wall on a slider?..where you can actually slide it open to reveal a picture window to the bedroom? cool is that!

The sink is awesome as well as the bath...both excellent ideas! you know what kind of wood?...or is it a stained bamboo?

Anyhow..thanks for sharing your likes.

I enjoyed visiting your page.