Saturday, December 26, 2009

Currently reading / currently loving

1) Ridiculously amusing.
2) I love everything about this book cover. I doubly love Woodhouse's evisceration of the "corporate university." I think education in general, and post-secondary education in particular, should be more than collecting grades for business or law school. I've never met a happy lawyer....just saying....just saying.
3) At the time of my purchase, I had no idea (because I didn't read the inside jacket and it was only $6.99) that Marquez's novel revolved around a 90 year old man paying to sleep with a "young teenage virgin." I'm surprised I managed to finish this book as the main theme was so off-putting and nonsensical. Plus, if I wanted to know more about 90 year old perverts, I could have simply taken a stroll through Little Italy.
4) Dear Haruki Murakami, I am in love with you.
5) I've been meaning to read Levy's book for years now. Fascinating account on the rise of "raunch culture" (the cartoon-like presumably "self-empowering" version of female sexuality) and women's collusion within it.

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