Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Scandies and their eye candies

Dear Danes of bythreads,

While my heart ultimately belongs to the Swedes, may you please consider branching out on this amazing line of laptop bags and carriers? Say, in all of your Scandinavian glory of simplicity and functionality, may you consider producing purses, wallets, and even homes?? Sadly, I live on a continent responsible for Crocs....please save me.

Forever yours, Krysta


Klaus Hougesen said...

Duly noted, Krysta.
Glad to hear you like them.

Klaus L. Hougesen

limonana said...

they heard you Krysta!!!! you are too cute!!
now thanks to you my husband has a crush on these bags as well...

Roya said...

I love the Green Bag and would love to have my hands on one as well. :)