Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Scandies and their eye candies

A few weeks ago, I discovered that a Scandinavian focused design store called mjölk had opened on Dundas. This week, I finally paid the store a visit. Upon entering the shop, I heard angels singing in heaven (angels singing in heaven). The store is gorgeous. I ended up leaving with a green e27 pendant lamp by muuto (as seen above). I developed a love for all things involving lighting years ago when I stumbled upon an aquarium lamp (as seen below) designed by a Canadian company called made by humans. I loved this lamp and my pet fish named Coquelicot (which is French for "poppy"). Sadly, I broke the aquarium base when placing the lamp in storage. Doubly worst, the lamp has been discontinued for years. I do not understand how a company can go from designing this:

to this:

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