Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh Banana, how I love you. . .

"Cycles never change. One day our bodies turn to bones which eventually turn back into dust. Then we melt in the air, and become vapors covering the earth in an atmospheric dome. All are connected - Japan, along with China. Italy would be there too. Everything and everyone together in the air. A time will come when I become a part of the wind blowing around in endless circles. The arms and legs that I see below me will one day dissolve into thin air.
It will happen to all of us eventually, each and every one.
Like my father.
And Mayu.
Every living creature on this earth.
What will happen to us then? What great things await us?
How wonderful it will be, leaving this body so limited in comprehension and moving into a permanence of complete perception. The impression of that image was so strong it left tears in my eyes.
Speed never forgives injury. In the air, however, wounds will dry up, and at some point dissipate into the running continuum of time.
Tears will dry up, too." (p. 213)

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