Friday, August 17, 2007


"In 1998, Rebecca Norris Webb wandered into the Coney Island aquarium, and spotted a white beluga whale soaring high above the heads of visitors, who were reflected in the glass tank. Thus began her exploration of the complex and vulnerable relationship that exists between people and animals in cities. Since then, Webb has photographed in some 25 cities around the world.
Webb captures not only the animal in is urban habitat, but the reflection of onlookers as they try to get a little bit closer, creating a richly layered image where the captive animals equally captivate their audience, who peer into the glass with complex and sometimes contradictory emotions: wonderment, concern, delight, empathy, humor, sadness, protectiveness. Her photographs convey both a sense of connection and isolation, intimacy and distance.
“Ultimately, I feel fortunate to share the planet with such marvelous creatures,” says Webb. “Yet, the question still lingers: For how much longer?” /

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